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4 against 1 Part 1


27:21 Min. 50 % Trampling, Kicks & Slaps, 50 % Spit, Sitting & Pony Play

You can hardly believe it. The four Masters Babyface, Dragon, Prince and newcomer Master Youngster want to train a new slave and so they've sent for him. Slave Stephan is also on hand to serve as a template. The sadistic lads want to use the experienced slave as an example to show the candidate slave what he'd have to put up with as a victim. Everything begins reasonably harmlessly. The four Masterboys chill while the two slaves lie at their feet. But the two slaves are soon out of their comfort zone. Babyface suggests a game, nvolving dice. Each number thrown results in a particular punishment. The other Masterboys are well up for it. Things get going. Bam a 4. That means ponyplay. While the Masters ride on their slaves, there are kicks and bashing. Bam a 5 and that means climbing onto the slaves. The new slave, Schroeder, soon reaches his limits, but the Masters couldn't care less, they keep on trampling their living footmats. Bam 6. Now they really get down to business. Hard trampling, sitting and more spit than they can cope with. All these punishments are interspersed with a.lot of gobbing and hard slaps to the face. The lads come up with a new idea for the slaps. The slaves kneel down next to each other and the lads run round them in a circle slapping and hitting them so hard that you can hear what is going on. Then Stephan is sent away, it's all down to the new slave. Not easy for him of course. The lads climb right onto his face and send him out onto the Terrace. Finally another clip with four hot lads. That means a lot of hot action. Don't miss out on this new BMB production. Look forward to spine tingling Part 2 with the best of action featuring feet, socks and facesitting.

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