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I know him, don`t I


23:44 Min. Sneaks, Socks & Feet 35%, Kicks & Slaps 35%, Humiliation with Spit 30%

A cold winter's evening. Helmut has had to work longer than usual. Now he can finally go home and relay. He heads home on foot. Normally at this time there's almost no-one on the street. All of a sudden, a young guy speaks to Helmut. Helmut assumes that the guy is after cadging a cigarette. But the young guy - Otis is his name – wants something quite different. He's already seen Helmut - in fact in a clip which he has just been watching with a mate. In this clip, Helmut was tormented and degraded by a young Master. . Otis found that really hot.. He'd like to have a go at getting a victim like that under his power.Now he has his chance. Otis puts a headlock on Helmut and drags him off to his flat. There Helmut feels as if he is suffering a real martyrdom. The loser is told he has to lick the soles of Otis' pair of Nike Airs clean. This turns Helmut's stomach. The soles taste of the salt which has been strewn on the road . Helmut protests.But the young Master breaks all resistance down with slaps to the face and kicks. You need three figures to count the number of blows which Helmut has to take. And as for the kicks, they are damn painful. Otis really works up a sweat as he' tortures his victim. . He takes his shirt off. Helmut lies on his back on the floor like a helpless beetle . Otis forces first of all his stockinged feet and then his bare feet into his face. The loser can hardly breathe. The torments are almost too much to take. And then there's the nasty humiliations . The young Master knows how to taking a slave into his power using dirty, sweaty socks just drives him crazy. Otis also hawks up thick snot so as to fill his victim's mouth with it. – You'll really enjoy watching this young Master take sadistic delight in tormenting and degrading Helmut. The more Helmut resists, the more brutality and lack of mercy Otis hows in going about his business.

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