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The day after the night before


26:26 Min. Sneaks 30%, Humiliation, Spit & Ponyplay 25%, Feet & Socks 20%, Trampling, Kicks & Slaps 15%, Food Crushing 10%

Larry has made a big mistake .Last night he 'borrowed' Master Dragon's cool pair of trainers. . Larry was really up for sucking in the hot smell of the young Master's feet out of his trainers.. But the pleasure is short lived. Now, the morning after, Master Dragon is at Larry's door. The Master has only got one purpose in mind. He wants to punish the stupid loser. . Larry is battered and kicked, he's tormented with some trampling and he has to serve as a pony to ride on. The Master lights up and enjoys watching on while the slave licks his trainers clean. . Following on from all this the loser gets Master Dragon's socks stuffed into his mouth. The humiliation gets even more intense. The Master uses his bare feet to tread some Honey Pops into the floor. The Slave has to lick it all up. .The whole session is punctuated by an ample flow of snot. As things draw to a close , Larry is alternately slapped and spat on. Master Dragon made his overwhelmingly successful BMB premiere with his brother Master Whip in the clip 'Badmasterboys TV' Now finally it's time for Dragon's first solo clip. . So much self confidence, so much determination are on show from this really good looking young Master as he torments his victim, humiliates him and abuses him. You have to see it! Go ahead and place your order straight away .

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