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Bad S(p)ituation


26:05 Min. Humiliation with Spit & Piss 40%, Sneaks, Socks & Feet 35%, Kicks, Slaps & Crushing 25%

What a great feeling that must be for a slave to have his head between Master Dragon's godly feet and to be filled up with tasty snot from hs Master. That' s what the slave experiences in this really hot clip. Master Dragon is supported in his work by Master Lars. The two lads take great delight in degrading the loser - with a whole load of snot and , to round things off, a good helping of master piss. Dragon who is wearing again his long skinny black training pants) and Lars (with black jeans and a cool leather jacket) start things rolling by having their trainers licked clean. Later on, the slave is allowed to suck in the earthy smell form the Masters' socks. Lots of sightings too of bare feet which the slave has to lick. In the middle of all this the Masterboys give full rein to their sadistic tendencies. Slaps to the face with hands and feet, hard kicks, really painful crushing of the hands – Dragon and Lars leave no stone unturned. Above all though the lads want to humiliate their victim. Abuse is poured on the slave and he has to swallow a whole load of snot . –some of it from a glass which the Masterboys keep on filling with fresh spit and some into the slave's wide open mouth. To round things off, Master Dragon has what he calls a 'bombastic idea' The lads go out onto the balcony and take it in turns to piss into a plastic container. While the lads jeer the slave has to drink it all up. 'Bad Sp(I)tuation' – there will certainly be some more BMB clips on this motto going big on spit action, with other Masterboys joining in the action. In this clip, Master Dragon and Master Lars whet our appetite for more.

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