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24:48 Min. Humiliation with Spit & Facesitting 35%, Feet 30%, Kicks & Slaps 30%, Socks 5%

In this clip, there's another outing for the popular BMB dice games. This time it's Master Dragon and his mate, Master Lenny, who take charge of the dice and of the slave. The rules are perfectly simple. A 1 means slaps to the chops, a 2 facesitting, a three means that the loser's tongue has to deal with his Master's godly feet, a 4 means that the loser has to lick his master's snot from the palm of his tormentor's hand, if it's a 5 then the both the lads give the loser a good kicking. And if it's a six?. Master Dragon explains that to the slave with a grin on his face. 'If it's a 6 you get the whole lot. Things start off with a 3 , in other words it's time for some kicking .Thee lads take sadistic delight in getting to work. Master Dragon is wearing a tight fitting black training outfit. On his feet some well worn training socks. . Master Lenny is barefoot . He's wearing some skinny jeans. Another throw of the dice. . A 4. It's really humiliating for the slave that he has to lick the snot from his tormentors' hands, especially when they shove their fingers into his mouth. Sometimes the thick snot lands direct in the loser's mouth. Things are just as humiliating for the slave when a 2 turns up and it's time for some facesitting. First of all he has Master Dragon's arse, then Master Lenny's arse in his face. 'I want to hear you breathing in' says Master Dragon with a grin on his face as he settles down on his victim's head. And when Master Lenny carries on the facesitting theme, Master Dragon urges him on: 'Go on, fart in his face' Hot foot action, loads of slaps and nasty kicking is what makes up this session of torment and humiliation. – Master Dragon is again on top form , and what's more his mate, Master Lenny knows no limits as he sorts out the loser. BMB's hot Autumn is open for business!

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