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The bad mouth


34:10 Min. 40 % Humiliation with Spit, Ashtrey, Cigarette, 25 % Nacked face Sitting, 25 % Feet, 10 % Kicks & Slaps

Master Babyface is pissed off. A slave criticized him in an Internet forum. Of course, that can’t go unpunished. The young master decides to teach the slave a lesson he won’t soon forget. As a greeting, the victim receives a couple of slaps upside the ears until it rings. On top of this, the master whips him with a leather riding crop. He knees down onto the slave and beats him. Licking the master’s sneakers clean, sniffing the wet sweat from his socks, licking the dirt off his feet and especially between his toes with his tongue – all of that is naturally part of what a slave does who’s in the grip of Master Babyface. But today, the sadistic young master isn’t satisfied with the standard program. He wants to brutally punish and humiliate his victim and give him something to think about. He forces his victim to chew his cigarette butts and lick up the ashes. He pulls down his long Adidas running pants and underwear and sits on the slave’s head with his bare ass for several minutes. “Lick!” commands Master Babyface. While the slave licks the asshole of his tormenter, he’s tortured with burning cigarettes and candle wax. Afterward, Master Babyface mashes out a cigarette on the victim’s forehead. The torture master knows absolutely no mercy. He enjoys how the slave suffers, and constantly hacks in his face or straight into his mouth.

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