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39:54 Min. 30 % Trampling, Kicks & Slaps, 30 % Sneaks, Socks & Feets, 30 % Humiliation, Piss & Spit, 10 % SM

Master Locha is at home. While his slave David is taking care of his dirty Nike-sneakers, Locha is chatting with his buddy Nyze (newbie at BadMasterBoys). Since Nyze hasn‘t had the pleasure to have a victim under his feet so far, he enthusiastically agrees as Locha is inviting him over to enslave David. Locha is just kicking his slave brutally, when the door rings. Master Nyze has arrived. Fascinated, he watches as the victim lies on the floor and is licking his buddy‘s sneakers while it gets kicked without complaining. Of course, Master Nyze doesn‘t hesitate any longer. From now on, David is his “fucking bitch“ - a stupid victim, which only purpose is to obey orders and accepting every humiliation. Master Locha and Master Nyze start mercilessly. David gets kicked and trampled hard over and over. They make David lick their sneakers and if the slave isn‘t fast enough with his tongue, Nyze teases him with some harsh slaps in the face. You can see it in his eyes, how much fun it is for the new, young master to beat the stupid victim. Master Locha and Master Nyze also take great delight in spitting on their slave. Sometimes, the spit lands on his face, sometimes right in his open mouth. Ten minutes later and David is totally exhausted. He lies on the floor and stares in the sadistically grinning faces of his tormentors. Master Locha sits down on him full force and pushes one of his shoes into his mouth in order to lick off the dirt. Master Nyze is still standing and jams the victim‘s head between his feet. Later on, the slave has to fetch some beer from the kitchen. In the meantime, Master Nyze, followed by Master Locha are pissing right into a glass bowl which is lying on the floor. It simply takes too much time until David is back from the kitchen to bring them their beers. As punishment, he is slapped in the face by Master Nyze, right away. Then, he has to kneel down and take care of his Mastersneakers with his tongue. They are smoking, and their cigarette ashes are flicked right on David‘s head. Additionally, Master Nyze ashes on his sneakers and orders his slave to “Lick it“! To make it easier for David to swallow the ashes, Master Locha is adding some of his spit. Unashamedly, the boys spit on the floor. They have a slave who is ordered to lick it up. When it comes to trampling, Master Locha is a real pro. But even Master Nyze is learning quite fast, how to trample and kick a victim extremely brutally and painfully. Master Locha is grinning sadistically, when he dips one of his shoes into the bowl filled with piss. Slave David licks up the piss without showing any resistance. After that, it is time for another round of trampling. Now and then, both boys take turns spitting into the piss-filled bowl. But this delicacy isn‘t completely finished, yet. So, as an appetizer he has to be content with some gurgled beer which Master Locha and Master Nyze are spitting right into his mouth. Now it gets really uncomfortable for the victim. Both Masterboys start with a really mean round of “double-trampling“. David not only has to bear the weight and kicks of his tormentors, Master Nyze also has the talent to kick and beat with his hands at the same time. Finally, the slave is allowed to deal with the piss. The bowl is quite full. On the surface, thick spit is swimming. The boys force the victim‘s face right into the bowl. With the help of their feet, they make sure that the face rests right in the piss. David feels the hard soles of his tormentors on his neck. His face is plunged deep into the piss-filled bowl and he can‘t breathe. Locha and Nyze both decide that their victim‘s face has to be dipped in there for at least ten seconds, but since it is so much fun, they make it 20 seconds. Extremely mean: Both Masters are counting extremely slowly. But it gets even worse. Master Locha fetches a leather belt. It is used to whip the slave, while Master Nyze is still pressing the victim‘s head down the piss with his feet and orders him to drink it. David looks like a piggy. The Masterboys allow him to have a shower. When he returns, he is bare-chested. Master Locha and Master Nyze leash him and lead their doggy in the bedroom. There, he is allowed to lie on the bed. David is relieved: “Finally I can rest“. But of course he can‘t  The victim lying on the bed gets kicked, slapped and spat on by Master Nyze. Then David is tied up. Helplessly, he has to endure a round of brutal trampling and painful strokes. The boys take off their sneakers and use them either as gasmasks, which they press on their victim‘s face or as striking tools. Both Masterboys wear some white socks. But they are far from being fresh. “I haven‘t changed them for at least two weeks, faggot“ Master Nyze is telling him, as he sits on David and presses his cheesy feet into his face. “Lick it, smell it!“ The boys are really in the mood to torture their victim. Locha gets some duct tape and sticks some stripes of it right on David‘s hairy chest. Then, at one go, he pulls the tape off. David is squirming with pain. Again and again, the leather belt hits his exposed upper body. Soon the victim doesn‘t know anymore what‘s worse - Master Locha‘s strokes with the belt or Master Nyze‘s slaps in the face. Anyway, Master Nyze doesn‘t feel pity for him. His tone of voice is merciless, when he tells David: “You have to get along with it, son of a bitch!“ Back in the living-room, David‘s face is pushed into the bowl of piss. Afterwards, both boys get comfortable on the couch. The “fucking slave“, that‘s how Nyze calls him has to take care of their bare feet. Master Nyze‘s feet look really nasty. They stink extremely and you can find much fuss on them. “I can tell you, my feet smell so badly of cheese“, Master Nyze mentions grinningly and looks at his buddy Locha. Also Locha‘s feet have a nasty smell - particularly between the toes, as David finds out soon after. It‘s a whole new experience for Master Nyze to get his feet licked. That‘s why his buddy Locha thinks that Nyze should get the best out of it. While the slave devotedly licks Nyze‘s feet, Locha is whipping the victim again - but this time extremely brutally. In the end, Master Nyze has the chance to deal with the slave alone. The master has so much fun getting his feet licked, while, at the same time, slapping him in the face and spitting on him. This video is truly awesome! A skilled slave (Locha) and a new one (Nyze) encourage each other to push the slave beyond his limits. Of course, you will find much trampling, licking and sniffing action with dirty sneakers and smelly socks in it. But since both Masters are true sadists, the victim gets tortured and extremely humiliated as well. Hard whippings with a leather belt, brutal slaps in the face, painful removal of chest hair with some duct tape, drinking of piss and spit - 40 minutes of hot action dedicated (not only) for cold winter evenings.

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