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The house slut


27:19 Min. Sneaks & Socks 40%, Humiliation with Spit, Living Ashtray, Toenails Feeding & Sitting 40%, Feet 20%

That's really nasty.The socks that Mater Shawn is wearing in this clip really should have been sent off to a waste disposal unit. But the young Master gets much more of a buzz by using the dirty, stinking socks to humiliate his house slut, Kevin. Kevin should really have been doing his Boss' washing today. . But stupidly he forgot to do what he was supposed to be doing .Now the slave's tongue has to do what the washing machine should have been doing. Kevin has to suck the stench out of the nasty socks. He has to lick off the encrusted dirt and swallow it down and then give the socks a good chewing. When that's all done he's told he has to lick his Master's trainers clean. For polish he has to make use of his Master's thick snot. Sometimes Kevin gets the snot straight into his mouth, sometimes he's allowed to lick it off his Master's feet. Shawn is very inventive when it comes to finding ways to humiliate his house slut. Kevin has to deal with freshly cut toe and fingernails and has to serve as an ashtray. Later on Master Shawn sits himself down on the loser who's lying on the floor and enjoys the slave's tongue giving him a thorough foot massage. This Master is really the best. You won't believe how Shawn goes about humiliating his house slut. The camera is right up close and there's some wonderful shots from the slave's perspective.

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