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The Audition - Again Online


33:10 Min. Sneaks, Socks & Feet 40%, Trampling, Kicks & Slaps 30%, Humiliation, Sitting & Spit 30%

Master Pole has just reached the age of 18. He absolutely wants to be part of BadMasterBoys. He knows that there he will have access to a whole load of slaves on whom he can act out his sadistic fantasies. Hitting a stupid loser in the face and gobbing on him, getting him to lick his trainers and his feet, tormenting the loser with kicks and trampling, treating him like the lowest form of dirt - that's exactly what the blond, good looking teen Master wants to get into. But first of all Pole has to demonstrate that he really is a good Master. In a casting session a slave from England is allocated to him. The Teen-Master is let loose on him to show what he's capable of. It only takes a few minutes for it to become clear that Master Pole really enjoys tormenting and degrading the tryout guy who has been placed in his hands. A couple of juicy slaps and kicks mean that the young Master doesn't waste any time in making it clear to the English guy who is in charge here. And Master Pole also makes it verbally clear that the slave is the lowest of the low as far as he's concerned. He doesn't hold back in calling him 'Bitch' and his 'fucking stupid slave'. The teen Master is wearing jeans and a dark t-shirt. His feet rest comfortably in a pair of well worn Nike Air Max. The trainers, and especially their soles, aren' t completely clean any more and so he makes his slave lick them clean. The English guy uses his tongue to lovingly lick the dirt from his Master's trainers . But no thanks come his way from Pole for this act of submission. He wants his victim to suffer. And so he turns to tormenting his slave with a couple of nasty kicks. The young Master makes a big impression in showing that he is no stranger to trampling. He stands with all his weight on his victim. Meanwhile, he gobs again and again into his face or right into his wide open mouth. The young 'master prefers to hawk his snot right up and so it's thick and slimy. With no prior warning, the English slave is again and again slapped and kicked. But there are some moments which the slave really savours. It isn't just an honour for him, the Bitch actually enjoys being allowed to inhale the valuable stench which the young Master's socks give off. The slave can't begin to describe how happy he feels when his Master's toes find their way into his mouth. But of course things shouldn't be too good for the loser. The English guy lies on his back like a defenceless cockroach. He watches as his Master puts on some black SM gloves. Pole stands above the slave with legs akimbo, gobs right into his mouth and then , with a nasty laugh, sits down in him with all his weight. By now Master Pole has been told that he's passed the audition, but he doesn't want to stop just yet. He's enjoying abusing and degrading his victim too much for that.....

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