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The Temptation


24:17 Min. Sneaks 35%, Humiliation & Spit 25%, Feet & Socks 25%, Trampling 15%

The temptation is damn strong. Slave Stephan is alone at home. His young Master won't be back for half an our. His well worn pair of Adidas are over there in the corner. Stephan can't stop himself. Even though he is not supposed to touch them without his master's say so, he grabs hold of them. He wants to - he has to - smell and lick this hot pair of trainers. He's got plenty of time to do that.before his Master comes home. It'll all be fine. But will it?! Today of all days, Master Pole gets home earlier than usual. He is really pissed off when he finds his slave licking and sniffing at this old pair of trainers, You can feel how angry he is. The Master makes his slave lick his really dirty pair of Nikes clean. The stupid slave's tongue isn't up to the task of licking the soles completely clean and so he has to bring a bowl filled with water and a toothbrush. The toothbrush gets the last dirt out of the clefts in the sole. In no time at all the water in the bowl is a dirty shade of brown. 'Drink it up' orders the Master. .Pole watches on with a grin on his face as Stephen drinks up the filthy brew And what else is on offer in this really hot clip? Well, for example, Master Pole torments the slave with some really nasty trampling and spits down on him. The camera films all of this from the slave's perspective. And then Stephan is allowed to take care of his Master's steaming socks and his sweaty feet. To be really nastily worked over and humiliated by Master Pole. It's what every slave dreams of .

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