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Jealousy !


29:24 Min. 30 % Trampling & Kicks, 30 % Feets, 30 % Humiliation, 10 % Spit

Eric totally dislikes when other guys want to use his slave. David s his own personal victim, and that‘s it! Even Adam, one of Eric‘s best buddies normally should have been aware of that. But since Adam‘s tatty Adidas-sneakers are extremely filthy today, he orders Eric‘s slave to lick them clean. While David is busy licking and is just getting spat on by Adam, Eric comes home. He gets really mad when he finds out what is gong on. “Hey Adam, what‘s all the crap? That‘s my slave!“, he yells at his buddy. A dispute comes up. But soon they realize that it‘s not worth arguing due to such a naughty slave. They decide to torment and teach him a brutal lesson in common. This afternoon both Masterboys are in a really aggressive mood and so they are happy having a slave by their side, which they can torture and humiliate as they feel like. Soon, David has nothing to laugh about. Both his tormentors torture him with some really nasty kicks and trampling - first in the living-room, later on, in the kitchen. Brutally and without mercy, they stomp and kick their victim with their Adidas-sneakers. Now and then, they fill him up with some nasty spit. Master Eric and Master Adam are sitting on the kitchen counter, the slave is below them on the ground and they start gobbing right into his mouth. His next task is to take off his pullover. He doesn‘t know, why to do so. But of course, he obeys, since he is simply too afraid that both Masterboys could hurt him even more. But what the victim doesn‘t know is that now the fun really starts. David gets beaten and kicked over and over. And then both boys come up with the idea to tie him up. Soon, the slave is lying on the floor like a worm. He can‘t move and is whimpering because of his Master‘s kicks and beatings. But they don‘t show any mercy. He simply hears them say: “Shut the fuck up!“ Whenever David thinks now the worst is over, Eric and Adam even up the ante. They collect some candles, lit them and torture their victim with the hot wax. Since David‘s screaming becomes so loud and annoying, his mouth gets duct-taped shut. Trampling, beatings, kicks and hot candle wax - David doesn‘t know anymore how to stand this afternoon. But finally, they allow him a short break. At least for him it feels like relief when the free him from his bounds and he has to take care of his tormentor‘s sneakers in the living room. But soon he starts getting sloppy. He doesn‘t put much effort in licking the soles of Master Adam‘s sneakers. And so, Master Adam‘s reaction is like you would expect it: He slaps him hard in the face. Since both boys want to go to a disco later that evening, they have to agree on who is driving and consequently can‘t drink any alcohol. So, Master Adam suggests to do a spitting-contest. The victim‘s mouth serves as target. The winner gets chauffeured to the disco in the evening. After this humiliating game, the slave is requested to sniff the sweat out of his Master‘s socks. Later, his tongue has to deal with the bare feet. “I think he throws up, soon!“, Master Eric says, grinning nastily, when he sees that the slave is licking up plenty of black fuzz from Master Adam‘s toes. * Soon, Christmas is coming and to enhance the advent atmosphere, some candles are used in this amazing video - not only four, but even some more. Master Eric and Master Adam are at their best and torture their victim with hot candle wax. But there are even more vulgarities included in this clip. They show no mercy, as you can see on the trampling marks on his back.

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