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A Skateboarder to be licked


25:08 Min. Feet 25%, Humiliation, Spit & Sitting 25%, Slaps, Trampling & Bodyskating 25%, Sneaks & Socks 25%

Young Master Soldro comes home after a spot of skateboarding. He is really up for working his new young slave over. It;s not just in the Skatepark that Soldro is King of the Castle. He's also got totally on top of tormenting and humiliating stupid losers. Today he is feeling particularly nasty. He lays his board down righto on top of his slave as he lies on the floor and begins to skate. Next his victim has to deal with the young Master's grotty skateshoes, full of holes. As all this goes on the slave is slapped and spat on again and again. The snot sometimes lands on the slave's face and sometimes in his wide open mouth. The young loser also gets to taste the Master's sweat soaked socks. Soldro brutally forces the stinking pair of socks into his mouth. Then there follows barefoot action, with nothing held back. Things are rounded up with licks, trampling, blows. body skating, hot sitting scense and a whole load of snot. Skatermaster Soldro is the real business - young, good looking, totally dominant and without any limits. We can guarantee that thsi 25 minute clip will blow your mind!!!

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