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A day with master Ricardo part 1


25:12 Min. 40 % Feet, 30 % Humiliation, 20 % Kicks & Slaps, 10 % Spit, Shoes & Outdoor

In the morning Master Ricardo is always in a bad temper. That‘s why slave Helmut has planned to be really gentle, when he wakes his Master at 9:30, as he was instructed the evening before. Helmut has prepared a tasty breakfast with some fresh orange juice, which he takes to his Master‘s bedroom. But Master Ricardo gives a fuck about Helmut‘s good intentions. The Master complains about being woken up so early. And now this cheeky slave even claims to be told to wake him up at 9:30, yesterday evening. And anyway: Why does this slave dare to bring the breakfast to his bedroom? What a cheek? And then such a nasty orange-juice! How disgusting! It must be out of date. Now, Ricardo‘ mood gets even worse as the slave has to find out painfully. The Master slaps his face hard many times. The victim also gets spat on and is insulted. Master Ricardo grabs one of the sandwiches and scornfully pushes it on his mouth. Afterwards he gets beaten up again. The Master is a real sadist and Helmut has to tolerate it day after day. Ricardo asks for a proper breakfast in the kitchen. The slave rushes into the kitchen to prepare everything. The he crawls back to the bedroom on all his fours to pick up his Master, who only wears pants and a t-shirt. Ricardo gets on the slave‘s back and rides on his pony to the kitchen. The Master takes a sib of the orange-juice, which the slave has just freshly squeezed. But Ricardo screws up his face and spit’s the juice into Helmut‘s mouth. “Do you want to kill me“?, the Master yells. Even the nice delicacies, which the slave has prepared, don‘t seem to satisfy the Master. He puts the sandwiches into his mouth, chews on them and finally spits them out on the kitchen floor. Then, he even spits on them and Helmut is forced to lick off this disgusting pulp. Sometimes, the Master even mashes the mess with his bare feet. Afterwards, the slave has to get rid of the pulp, which is now sticking between his Master‘s toes, and swallow it. Disgustedly, he looks down at the slave: “You are such a piece of shit!“ The victim is treated like a piece of shit. Ricardo really enjoys tormenting and humiliating his slave. Trampling, kicking, spitting, hard blows - Helmut simply gets everything. “You are a loser!“, he is told all over again. After breakfast, the Master rides on his slave-pony into the bathroom. He wants to brush his teeth. The slave has to lie across the floor in front of the washbasin, so that the Master can climb on him. After finishing brushing his teeth, he doesn‘t spit the mixture of toothpaste and snot into the sink… no! He simply bends over the victim and spit’s the disgusting mess directly into his gob. Now the Master sits down on the slave. Loudly, he collects some morning snot, and spits it in his slave‘s mouth. Afterwards and without any reason, he tortures his slave by kicking him and beating him up. Maybe this helps Ricardo to calm down. After having cleaned up the apartment, he slave has to accompany his Master to town. On the way, he permanently is kicked and insulted. He even has to lick his Master‘s sneakers in public. This is really embarrassing for Helmut, because he fears that passers-by could watch, how he kneels in front of a teen and licks his sneakers. But Helmut is not only a slave, but also a cash machine. Whenever Master Ricardo wants to buy some new clothes, Helmut has to open his wallet. The money, he has to work so hard for, is mostly spend on Ricardo‘s desires. Helmut is only granted a little pocket-money. But that‘s life of a slave. * Who wants to be slave of Master Ricardo has to tolerate that this king is mostly in a bad temper every morning. Then Ricardo can be really cruel and unfair, as you can see in this first part of “A day with Master Ricardo“. The Master doesn‘t even hesitate to torment and humiliate his victim in public.

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