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A Day with Master Ricardo Part 2


24:31 Min. 40 % Feet, 30 % Humiliation, 20 % Spit & Piss, 10 % Kicks & Slaps & Ponyplay

Back from shopping, Master Ricardo wants to relax a bit. He gets comfortable on the sofa, orders his slave to bring him some beer and commands: “Come on, lick my sneakers!“ Helmut gets down to business. Passionately, he licks his Master‘s white Adidas-sneakers. But, although the slave puts much effort into it, Ricardo isn‘t satisfied. Arrogantly, he spits into his slave‘s mouth and complains: “Why isn‘t this shoe clean, yet?“ Hardly having started licking again, the Master interrupts again: “You know that there are two feet, don‘t you?“ “Lie down the floor on your back!“ Ricardo gets on his victim and spits directly into his mouth. “Tongue out!“ The Master uses his slave as a shoe-polisher, taking special care to his soles. Meanwhile, the slave constantly get spat on. When Ricardo starts to torment his slave with nasty trampling, the victim moans loudly. “Shut the fuck up!“, Ricardo is barking. “And if you don‘t lick them properly, I will beat you up!“ Helmut has failed again. “You are such a loser! Lie down on the floor and turn on your tummy!“ When Helmut has done so, the Master takes of his leather belt. No less, than fourteen times Ricardo whips his slave with that belt. It must hurt incredibly! After that punishment, Helmut is forced to get into pony-position, so that the Master can ride on him. Ricardo has to take a piss and rides to the bathroom. Helmut is supposed to wait in front of the door, until the Master has finished. But stupidly, Helmut goes back to the living-room without waiting for his Master. Of course, such a behaviour has to be punished. This time, Helmut isn‘t whipped, but he has to endure a round of trampling. The slave is in sheer pain. “I don‘t fucking care!“, Master Ricardo comments. Later that afternoon, the Master wants to relax again. He orders his slave to take off his sneakers. And ta-dah: He is confronted with some discoloured and really stinky feet, which have been white, once. “It smells so bad“, the slave dares to complain. Such a cheekiness has to be punished! He is slapped in the face hard. After inhaling the smell of the socks, now it‘s time for the feet. With his tongue, he has to lick off the dirt and fuzz, sticking between the toes. Helmut doesn‘t even realize anymore that he gets spat on. Now it‘s time for another ride. But the riding-horse can‘t stand the weight of his Master any longer. Nevertheless, Ricardo doesn‘t grant his pony a break. The contrary is the case: “We go for a victory lap through the apartment“, he decides. The ride ends in front of the toilet, since the Master has to take a piss again. The slave is instructed to take everything off, except of his underpants and to kneel down in the shower. “Open up!“, the Master commands and only some moments later a stream of piss is directed to the slave‘s face and mouth. * In Master Ricardo‘s eyes, Helmut is only a plaything for his sadistic fantasies. When he feels like torturing his victim, it gets slapped, whipped or kicked. The Master absolutely knows no mercy. He has much fun humiliating his slave. Helmut, on the other hand, loves to take care of his Master‘s feet, inhaling the smell of his socks or serving as personal toilet.

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