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Just a normal piano lesson


28:12 Min. Feet und Sneaks 35%, Humiliation with Spit, Sitting, Facesitting, Ponyplay & Cigarette Torture 35%, Kicks, Trampling, Slaps & Lashes with the Belt 30%

The plan is for there to be a normal piano lesson. Helmut the teacher . Dragon the pupil. But that's not how things turn out. . Dragon – sorry: Master Dragon,hasn't got the least interest in playing the piano. And when Helmut again complains that he hasn't been practising, that just pisses Master Dragon off. 'Now we'll do my type of practising' decides the cool young sadist, in this clip wearing skinny black sweat pants, a black top , baseball cap and a pair of stylish white trainers. Helmut has no chance. In the twinkling of an eye, he is forced to the floor by the trained up young Master. He lies with his back to the floor like a helpless beetle. Now the nasty games can begin. Master Dragon is really up for letting all his frustrations out and taking control of his hated piano teacher. Slaps, hitting him with the riding crop – he takes sadistic delight in tormenting his victim. Helmut moans in pain as he is brutally given a good kicking again and again by the young Master. In between the slave's tongue has to get to work on his tormentor's trainers, and then later on his bare feet. It's far from easy to carry out his licking duties while again and again he's being battered and kicked. Hard trampling is also part of Master Dragon's repertoire of torture. Nothing is held back for the piano teacher. Not least, there is no lack of degradation. Helmut is spat on, has to lick up snot from the floor. He is put to work as a cushion to sit on, as a pony to ride on and as a human ashtray. And then Master Dragon has a special surprise for the loser. He pulls his sweat pants down a bit, so that his white underwear is showing, and revels in sitting on Helmut's face . Helmut's nose is now jammed between the cheeks of Master Dragon's arse. ....-Master Dragon is a real top talent. You can see that in this totally hot clip. No wonder that his fan club is getting bigger and bigger.

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