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23:37 Min. Humiliation with Spit, Piss, Toenail Feeding & Licking Armpits 35%, Feet 25%, Sneaks & Socks 20%, Kicks & Slaps 15%

Master Prince and Master Youngster have just gone into the Bathroom to do a bit of styling when the doorbell rings. Master Youngster opens up. Standing there is a young man. The visitor claims he's deaf and asks for a donation. He's invited into the flat. Master Youngster and Master Prince aren't especially friendly towards him. This is just the sort of loser they've been waiting for. It just so happens that they're really up for tormenting and degrading the guy . They take it in turns to gob into his mouth and to mock him: 'Here's your donation!' The loser is given a brutal kicking and slapped so hard that the sound echoes round the room. Master Youngster pisses himself laughing. The Slave can't hear the abuse he's getting from the two Masterboys. He really is deaf. But he feels the pain from the slaps, from the kicks and from the slaps from the feet .He tastes the thick snot. He smells the nasty stink from the Masterboys' totally dirty socks. . Master Prince and Master Youngster work themselves up into a frenzy. They feed their slave with snot they've hawked up and with the toenails which they've just cut off. The slave has to use his tongue not just to lick his tormentors' feet clean but also their sweaty armpits. And to round things off Youngster douses the loser with his Masterpiss.When you see the two lads with their tops off you'll go weak at the knees. But behind the pretty facade there's hidden a real longing to torment and to degrade. Really hot action from beginning to end!

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