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It serves him right


26:02 Min. Trampling, Kicks & Slaps 45%, Sneaks 30%, Humiliation & Spit 25%

Pole - out of respect his slaves call him Master Pole- is a hugely gifted craftsman. His talent is especially valued among artists. No one is better than him at hanging and arranging works of art. All of which means that again and again, Pole is able to take pride in the high value which is placed on his work. This time though Pole is up against an artist who is totally arrogant , an out-and-out snob. This blockhead is never satisfied and always wants more work done. He really gets Paul's back up. He daydreams about taking pleasure in tormenting, humiliating and punishing this arrogant so-and-so. Pole savours having his trainers licked clean and enjoys inflicting some really nasty kicks and trampling on the loser. Master Pole's repertoire also includes some slaps and some nasty trampling on the head with all his weight. And there's no lack of humiliation. The Master has brought a few pairs of trainers with him. He doesn't only hit his victim with them. He gobs on the soles and really enjoys watching the slave lick the spit up. He also spits straight into his mouth. The loser also has to deal with some gum which has been chewed and then spat out and trodden on. So powerful !It's great that the BMB camera is right up with the action. Above all in this clip we at last meet up again with Master Pole- Fans have been waiting a long time for that to come about!

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