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Just a Dream !


23:15 Min. Sneaks 40%, Trampling & Crushing 30%, Humiliation with Spit & Sitting 30%

Every day they sit at the bus stop, the two Masterboys, Shadow and Youngster. Stephan also walks past the bus stop every day. He can't get enough of looking at these two young guys. The way they hang around and are always gobbing on the floor. .... their cool outfits... and then their well worn trainers which almost certainly stink to high heaven. Oh man, Stephen is besides himself. He would love to be put under the control of these two lads. All sorts of hot pictures run past his mind's eye. Stephan dreams of lying on the floor, with the two Masterboys chewing gum then spitting it out on the floor then trampling it and then he has to lick up the trodden in mess from their soles. From there on in, things carry on with nasty hand crushing. Master Shadow and Master Youngster show absolutely no mercy. Their slave whimpers in pain, but he just gets contempt. Master Shadow says to : 'Stop whining or it'll get harder for you'„ In his hot dream, Stephan also also experiences licking the soles of the Masterboys' trainers cleans. The clefts contain loads of dirt that his tongue has to deal with. Things move on with a really hard trampling session. You can see how the two lads enjoy tormenting their victim. They stand on him, they sit on him.Stephan dreams of hot humiliations - and they all flow past his mind's eye The lads take it in turns to gob in the loser's face - and in his mouth. They hawk it all up so that it looks and tastes really nasty. … -We're able to join in a hot fantasy journey with Stephan in which he is taken over by two cool Masterboys - it's partly filmed from a slave's perspective. At BMB the hottest dreams become true!.

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