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Holydays with Uncle Stefan


37:43 Min. 40 % Humiliation with Spit & Sitting, 30 % Trampling & Sneaks, 30 % Feet & Socks

It’s a longtime since Eric last visited his Uncle Stephan. He just wants to spend his time at his house chilling and relaxing. Eric already knows from previous visits that Uncle Stephan is a bit obsessive and sometimes shows it. But this time the slightly geeky old guy takes it too far. Stephan suddenly starts to talk crap while Erik is lying down on the sofa and playing a game on his X Box. Eric listens with half an ear. He couldn’t care less about what his Uncle is wittering on about the lovely weather and how nuts he is to be stuck inside the house playing a game on his Xbox. . Uncle Stephan wants his nephew to come outside with him so they can do something together. Of course, being outside holds no attractions for him. But his uncle doesn’t letgo. The old guy stamps around as if he was Rumpelstiltskin and tries to wrest the X Box console from his nephew’s hands He’d have been better not doing that . Eric really loathes being disturbed in the middle of playing on his Xbox. Now it makes no difference that he‘s dealing with a close relative – from now on Uncle Stephan is just a victim, anobject to be tormented and humiliated. His powerful nephew overpowers Uncle Stephan into total submission. Erik deals out some powerful kicks and slaps to his chops and spits in his face. ‘That’s no way to treat a relative’ complains Uncle Stephan. But Erik takes no notice. He is now completely in character as a Master - his favourite role. He is especially up for the fact that the object of his mistreatment is none other than his uncle. The boring old guy finds his nephew’s shabby Nikes pressedonto his face. ‘Lick them clean’ orders Erik, with a nasty grin on hisface. No sooner has the Uncle cleaned the dirt from the cleats beneath his nephew’s shoes than Eric starts using them as weapons. The uncle is tortured with some nasty trampling. Even his head isn’t spared As things move on, the victim is used as a floor cushion. Eric sits on his uncle as he’s lying on the floor and plays on his XBox without a care in the world. Every now and again his uncle gets slapped in the face or finds socks being forced into his face. Its especially humiliating for Uncle Stephan when more than once his nephew gobs into his mouth. Butt here’s worse to come. Eric knows that his uncle has an electric fly swat in the house. He knows this is just the thing for torturing reluctant slaves. So why shouldn’t it be used on annoying uncles?. It’s so warm in the room that Erik takes his shirt off. He is getting into torturing his uncle more and more.Now he sits down on his victim’s face with all his weight. Stephan can hardly breathe. But Eric has no plans to stand up any time soon. Will Uncle suffocate under his arse? Now Eric settles down into Stephan’s favourite seat. His uncle has to lie down under the seat and smell the stench from his socks. Later he has to take the socks into his mouth and give them a good chewing. By now Uncle Stephan is incapable of any resistance. Never in his wildest dreams could he have imagined that he would sink so low as to lick his nephew’s feet clean and use his tongue to deal with the dirt between his nephew’s toes. But the sadistic nephewhas another surprise up his sleeve. With a sadistic grin on his face he smears nut nougat cream on his foot. Uncle Stephan can guess what’s coming; ‘Lick it off’ Master Erick surpasses himself in this video. Amazing how he subjects the slave to total degradation

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