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27:32 Min. Sneaks 35%, Humiliation with Spit & Piss 30%, Trampling, Kicks, Slaps & Crushing 30%, Socks 5%

Master Andre's ample lifestyle is financed by his slave Stephan. The slave has to work hard from morning till night and live in a cheap hovel so that he can always be in a position to give his Master loads of money. Andre loves luxury. And he loves squeezing his slave like a lemon. But it would be that on this very day when Master Andre wants to party with his mates and so needs €300-400 that Stephan has to say he can't do it. The poor idiot has no idea where he could get that money from. 'Then go and do some more work' growls Master Andre. And doing more work isn't just a question of words being spoken The slave is continuously tormented and humiliated until he doles out the cash which is demanded of him. Trampling, kicks, slaps to the face, face-crushing under solid soles - the loser has to take some really hard punishment. Finally after another round of trampling - this time with stockinged feet - Stephan can take no more. 'Yes, I'll pay' he groans. But Master Andre isn't going to let him off that lightly. Now he wants to humiliate the loser a bit more. He has brought with him a whole bagful of old trainers which need licking clean. To help get the dirt off the soles, the Master gobs on them loads of times. While the loser is licking and licking the master nips into the shower room, pisses on the floor and then wades through the puddle in his Reeboks, so that their soles taste nicely of piss. 'The slave is going to life this' says Master Andre with a smile on his face , as he strides back into the living room. It's really hot to see how dominant Master Andre is as he torments and humiliates his slave!!!!

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