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In A Villa In Spain...


44:09 Min. Humiliation with Spit & Toenails 40%, Sneaks, Socks & Feet 40%, Trampling, Kicks, Slaps & Beatings 15%, Piss 5%

(Most of orders in this clip are in english language) When the place is run by Master Michele and Master Ricardo, both sadists and enjoying nothing more than tormenting and humiliating their English slave, then a lot can happen in a villa in Spain. This BMB clip filmed in Spain finally affords us a reunion with Master Michele after a month’s absence. When this young Master is firing on all cylinders – which is what he does all the time – then it’s not only Slave David’s blood that freezes in his veins, everyone who is watching feels the same. Master Michele’s mood can swing at the drop of a hat. With no warning, an apparently friendly smile changes into a dark expression which doesn’t bode well. Slave David constantly has to reckon with being brutally hit or kicked. The loser looks just like a chicken which has been laid before a snake for it to eat up. David has no clue when Master Michele is going to hit out. The Master doesn’t just live out his sadistic fantasies when he a slave at his feet, he also wants to humiliate his victim. In this video for example we see how David lies on his back on the floor and his head is jammed between his Master’s naked feet. With a nasty smile on his face, Michele feeds his victim with freshly cut toenails. Then the Master sends an extra thick helping of snot on its way, to land in the slave’s wide open mouth. Master Ricardo is always at hand as well and brings to the party his dominance and his unshakable determination to break the loser. It’s very warm in the Spanish Villa and so all he wears is a scanty pair of shorts. Is the heat affecting things? Ricardo is really pumped up. David’s face – scrunched up in pain – speaks volumes. The victim is subjected to an extremely brutal series of kicks and slaps. Master Michele also joins in the torture action with evident enjoyment. The slave wants to protect himself with his arms, but no chance of that. There is no help for him as he is delivered up to his tormentors’ kicks and blows. Trampling adds to his torment. At the same time as Master Ricardo stands on him with all his weight. he has to lick the dirt from Master Michele’s trainers. It goes without saying that the two Masterboys want their shoes to gleam. You only have to look at them to see that an explosive mix has built up inside them. If there was some sort of .measure for acrid smells, then the indicator would be right at the top. The poor slave can hardly catch his breath as he has to suck the stink out of his Masters’ trainers. The socks smell even worse.. But at least here the dark colouring of the socks mean that the slave gets prior warning, and a clear sign of what is in store: attention , danger of suffocation. The Masterboys indulge in some nasty laughter when they see how their victim is suffering. Alpha sadist Michele stuffs one of his stinky socks into the slave’s mouth and forces him to suck on his sweat -soaked toes What else is there to see in this hottest of videos? The Masterboys flog David with a rope which they then use to tie their victim up. The slave is persistently humiliated and also verbally beaten down. Master Michele demonstrates that he has a wide range of English expressions of abuse at his fingertips. The loser also has to eat freshly cut toenails. The showdown comes outside on the Spanish Villa’s terrace. One after another, Master Michele and Master Ricardo piss into a bucket. Then the Masterpiss is poured into a watering can. The two Masterboys get a real laugh out of sprinkling their slave with their piss. What they enjoy most is of course aiming directly into their victim’s mouth. .......... Finding themselves in this Spanish villa is no laughing matter for slaves. Without mercy, they are totally degraded by Master Michele and Master Ricardo. In this hottest of clips the camera doesn’t hold back from seeing how much sadistic pleasure the two Masterboys take from tormenting and humiliating their victim. You can also enjoy a six minute bonus. You can see how Masters and slaves share in watching the Euro semi-final between Spain and Portugal.

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