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31:21 Min. Humiliation with Spit, Living Ashtray, Sitting & Dirty Action 35%, Sneaks 25%, Kicks & Slaps 25%, Socks & Feet 15%

Master Babyface and Master Shawn still have a score to settle with Gordon. The young guy has borrowed some money from them, but hasn't paid it back. The two Masterboys are not amused when someone messes them about and so they decide to kidnap Gordon. They want to keep on tormenting and humiliating him until he pays the money back . They catch up with the loser in town, stuff a sack over his head. chuck him into the boot of their car and drive him to a deserted farm. They go into an old barn there and tie Gordon to a chair. What follows is by some distance the hardest torture and degradation session which has been seen on BMB for many a while. The loser has to lick dirt and slime centimetres thick from his tormentors' trainers and has dirt shaken over him. There's no break in the blows and the kicks , but even worse than the pain is the humiliation. Gordon has to imitate animal sounds, again and again he is spat on and he has to swallow snot which the Masterboys have hawked up. The lads use him as an ashtray and as a cushion to sit on They get him to sniff in the intense stench from their socks and Master Babyface gets the sweat and dirt licked from his bare feet. Whoever is turned on by extreme dirty-action from two particularly sadistic Masterboys will love this clip. And the best is saved to last . In a bonus section you see how the loser is publicly humiliated. Master Babyface and Master Shawn degrade Gordon into being their doggy and go shopping with him in town. The loser is taken outside and put on a lead and spat on and Gordon has to take the shopping bag into his mouth and go back home on all fours. As this goes on he is licked and spat on. Whatever can the drivers who see all this be thinking? Awesome!!!

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