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Day Parole


23:56 Min. Feet 40%, Sneaks & Socks 30%, Humiliation 10%, Kicks 10%, Piss 10%

Master Cool is let out on parole. He urgently needs money, so he decides to steal from hotel guests. He is lucky. One of the hotel room doors is not locked and nobody seems to be in there. While Master Cool is searching through a wardrobe, the hotel guest surprisingly comes back and confronts him. But the guest has no chance. Master Cool is simply too strong and the guest gets humiliated and abused without limits. “In prison I was tortured very often, so I learned a lot and know I get my revenge“, Master Cool announces. The victim gets kicked and beaten brutally and he is forced to lick the dirty Nike Airmax sneakers of his tormentor. The Master wearing Adidas sportswear makes fun of his victim and is laughing a lot. When the guest is done licking the shoes, it‘s time to inhale the smell of Master Cool‘s socks. The Master has switched position and is now lying topless on the hotel bed. It is brutally hot inside the room. The temperatures doesn‘t make it easier for the slave to clean Master Cool‘s sweaty feet. There is sticking many dirt on them and the guest has to get rid of them with his tongue. In between the toes the slave‘s tongue will be quite busy too…say cheese! In the bathroom the guest gets transformed into a toilette. Master Cool pisses directly into its mouth.

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