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25:01 Min. Humiliation with Spit & Facesitting 35%, Sneaks & Socks 35%, Kicks, Slaps & Trampling 30%

The New Year starts off with a bang, BMB is glad to be able to introduce you to Master Otis. This young Lord brings us all those things which really turn BMB fans on. He's damn good to look at , but at the same time is absolutely without mercy. There's no question of playacting when he gets to work on his victims. When you first see him, you'd think you're dealing with a harmless kid from next door. But that's just a front. Master Otis is a genuine sadist, and when he's in front of the BMB camera you can see how much he enjoys tormenting and humiliating his victim. He shows no mercy as he kicks , slaps and trample his victim, so much so that he breaks out into a sweat and has to take his T shirt off . So here's the story. Otis comes back from holiday earlier than planned. When he walks into his flat he can see his slave lazing around on the sofa. The loser is sniffing at a pair of his young master's underpants which still hasn't been washed . The loser has fished them out of the washing basket while his Lord and Master is away. 'You're totally sick' says Otis, shaking his head. The young Master is really pissed off that his slave hasn't cleaned the flat. This now results in some really hard punishment. Otis gets a rfeal kick out of degrading his lazy slave. Dirty boxer shorts, dirty worn out trainers. sweaty socks, armpit sweat from Master Otis' T shirt - what is pushed up against the loser's nose is just crazy. The slave also has to endure long bouts of facesitting. On top of all this the loser is hit and kicked again and again. Master Otis also loves filling up his victim with huge quantities of thick snot. His preference is for hawking it up from deep down so that it's really tasty. – This young Master is all you could ask for - He looks sooo innocent, but is sooo motivated- What's more the camerman enjoys bringing us some hot scenes taken from the slave's perspective.

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