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24:48 Min. Feet 30%, Humiliation with Spit & Facesitting 30%, Sneaks & Socks 20%, Kicks & Slaps 20%

Naked down to the waist, skinny jeans, cool trainers - that's how Master Taylor looks when he meets his victim at the door of his apartment. The loser is the same shady furniture dealer that Master Taylor and his mater Master Steven sorted out a few days before. The guy wanted to do the dirty on them over the sale of an antique chest and got punished by the two lads as a result (See the earlier BMB clip 'The Furniture dealer'). Taylor totally enjoyed tormenting and degrading the guy. Now he's up for some more . Today he's on his own and has managed to lure the furniture dealer back into his apartment. He doesn't waste any time in setting up the agenda."I've had a shitty day' he says. He sets out on the full programme so as to wind down from that. Hard slaps to the chops which really ring out and really hard kicks - you don'gt have to look far beneath the surface of the friendly, innocent facade of this good looking young Master to find a whole world of determined brutality. Taylor gets the dirt licked from his trainers ad the sweat sucked out of his smelly socks. And then his bare feet come into play "They're really dirty and sweaty" says Taylor as his victim gets on with his humiliating work. And with a grin on his face he demands 'Don't forget to lick between my toes!'. As the victim lies back on the floor like a helpless worm , the young Master shows just how powerful he is. Taylor shoves one of his feet into the furniture dealer's face and issues an order ' Come on let's see the whole foot in your mouth". There's no let up for the loser. There's no end to the humiliations. Master Taylor forces his dirty socks into his mouth. A whole load of snot ends up in the loser's wide open mouth. It all varies. The loser is allowed to - has to - lick the snot alternately from his brutal Master's feet, from the soles of his shoes or from his hands. Some more humiliation on the way by any chance? No problem! Master Taylor is out there with the best when it comes to facesitting! Master Taylor takes sadisitic delight in his victim struggling for air as he sits on his face. -

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