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Master Shawn`s Dessert


25:21 Min. Food- & Hand-Chrushing, Slaps, Kicks & Trampling 35%, Humiliation & Spit 30%, Sneaks 25%, Smoke & Spit 10%

Master Shawn tells his slave Stephan to bring him a dessert. And what does the stupid loser come back with?? A cheap chocolate bar! It goes without saying that The young Master isn't impressed with this  show  of impertinence.  Shawn decides to mete out some nasty punishment. He crushes the chocolate bar and mixes some of his own thick snot into the mash. Stephan has to lick it all up from the soles of his Master's stylish pair of trainers 'I don't want to see one bit of it left' threatens   Master Shawn. Later on the loser has to lie down on the floor. „Now you're for it“, says Shawn with a nasty grin on his face and starts to dish out some torture with some really nasty hand crushing. The more Stephan whimpers and begs for mercy,, the more brutally the young Master goes about his business. 'I'm going to break your fingers' he says, not really caring if he does or he doesn't. Meanwhile again and again the loser is spat on abused and hit. But things get even harder. Expert trampling and kicks. Stephan is helpless in the hands of the young sadist. 'I'm enjoying this.  It's like being on a bouncy castle' says Shawn, revelling in jumping up and down on his victim as if he was a trampoline.  Master Shawn loves cool outfits. And he loves overpowering and humiliating stupid losers. A lot of the scenes in this red hot clip are filmed from the slave's perspective. Anyone watching has the feeling they are being personally given a good kicking , being trampled and being spat on by Master Shawn  The soles of his stylish trainers are right in your face. And at the beginning of the clip you can watch from the slave's perspective as Master Shawn enjoys smoking a cigarette and again and again spitting on the floor.. Master Shawn is this year's new find!!!

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