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Mr. Macho comes home - Again online


24:01 Min. Sneaks 30%, Humiliation with Spit, Sitting & Ponyplay 30%, Socks 25%, Food Crushing 15%

Master Rex is a real macho. Macho by name, macho by nature. Just 19 but a real man. The sort of master any slave would want to have. Welcome to BMB Master Rex! So what's in this clip? Mr. Macho comes home after a long and strenuous day at work. He's wearing a pair of skinny jeans. On top of them he's wearing a leather jacket. The Master doesn't't need to say much. Slave Alex knows that he has to start off by licking the dirt from Mr. Macho's Nikes. The Master prefers to keep his slave on a leash. And he enjoys using him as a pony to ride on. Sitting on him without a care in the world he throws a slice of chewed up bread on the kitchen floor and says,"Eat it." There are a few more delicacies in store for the slave to eat fruit that Mr. Macho has just trodden up. The loser is allowed to lick the mashed up pears, apricots and bananas from the soles of his Master's trainers or from the floor. Enjoy! It's getting a bit warm for him and so Master Rex takes his leather jacket off. The slave almost faints when he sees his sculpted torso. But he's not allowed to linger over it. The Master sits on him and presses his stockinged feet into his face. The poor lover's nose receives a beastly stench. The slave has no choice but to spend minute after minute at the mercy of the really nasty stench which Master Macho's feet are giving off. The cameraman himself must have felt I'll while he was filming all this. All the more thanks to him for the really hot recording. He dared to bring his camera really close to the action. A new Master for BMB. We're sure to see more clips from him.

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