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Easter Picnic


35:18 Min. 40 % Humiliation & Spit, 20 % Sneaks, Kicks & Trampling, 20 % Feets, 10 % Socks, 10 % Sneaks

Master Eugen and Master Manu are really furious. Their slave David has to prepare their Easter-picnic but it simply takes too much time. And when they are finally outside and sit down on a blanket on the meadow, they find out, that this stupid slave has forgotten most of the things. Both Master immediately agree: Such a behaviour has to be punished. Many times David is slapped it his face hard, he is spat on, kicked and trampled on. They shove their sneakers into his mouth and the slave has to lick the dirt off the soles. Master Eugen has some very worn out Adidas-sneakers on, on Master Manu‘s shoes you can find the Nike-symbol. For the victim, it must be really humiliating to be spat on and kicked in public. But it gets really mean, when both boys come up with the idea to feed their slave with some orange slices and potato chips on which they spit. They also kick half of an orange right into his mouth. Eugen and Manu are sitting on a blanket and relax. Their slave‘s task is to lick off the dirt from their sneakers. Later on, he has to take off the shoes and inhale the spicy smell from their socks. To prevent his tongue from drying out, David is allowed to lick some spit from Master Eugen‘s soles. Since the weather is getting bad, Eugen and Manu decide to get back home. There, David immediately has to take off their socks and starts licking their feet extensively. Since it is Easter, both Masters come up with a very special surprise for their victim: They divide a chocolate-egg and fill both halves with spit and gargled beer. They top it with some grapes - and there it is: a slave Easter-surprise-egg! This Easter-picnic Slave David is not gonna forget so soon. Master Eugen and Master Manu treat him like a piece of shit and surprise him with an Easter egg, which has a very special stuffing. Our two new Masters exactly know how the wind blows and make this Easter an unforgettable moment.

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