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Pizza Brutalo Part 1


23:20 Min. Humiliation with Spit, Cigarette Torture, Food Crushing, Forced Feeding, Sitting & Ponyplay 45%, Trampling, Kicks & Crushing 35%, Sneaks 20%

The name says it all. In ‘Pizza Brutalo’ things soon head off in a hard direction. Three young Masterboys brutally degrade slave Stephen and take him right up to his limits. To the story: Master Dragon and Master Babyface are totally bored and want to put their slave under their control. Stephan has to lie down on the ground. He gets his Masters’ dirty trainers in his face and he has to lick them, while the lads keep on spitting direct into his mouth. The slave also has to put up with being used as an ash tray. Master Dragon, sitting on the slave , doesn’t think twice about stubbing his cigarette out direct on the loser’s chest. It isn’t long before Master Babyface does the same. Powerful stuff. Dragon uses his phone to order a pizza for himself and for Master Babyface. While they’re waiting, the two pass the time by torturing the slave with really hard kicks, trampling and crushing. When the pizza guy, Prince, rings the doorbell, Master Dragon rides to the door on the slave’s back and opens it. The pizza guy takes this in his stride. Prince finds the fact that Dragon and Babyface have their own slave totally hot. The two Masterboys spot this and invite the pizza guy to join in the session. Now slave Stephen is in the hands of three sadistic Masterboys who know no limits. He whimpers with pain as the lads torture him with trampling, kicks and crushing. Master Babyface couldn’t care less. ‘Shut your gob, you pussy’ he says. Dragon, Babyface and the new Master Prince work themselves into a frenzy. They spit chewed up pizza into his mouth or slap the crust into his face. Most of the pizza is trampled on and refined with snot. Stephan has to lick it all up – whether from the floor or from the soles of his tormentors’ shoes. Pain all over his body and a split lip. Stephan really gave of his all while this clip was being filmed. Respect!!! You can see how much the Masterboys, Babyface, Dragon and newcomer Prince, enjoy being able to dish out so much in this clip. They don’t stop to take stock of what they’re doing. Totally hard action and humiliation without mercy right up to the wire. And the best is – there’s a second instalment to follow where piss and toe nails are right up there at the top of the action.

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