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Done Over


25:30 Min. Trampling, Kicks, Crushing & Slaps 40%, Humiliation with Spit, Cigarette Torture, Ponyplay & Sitting 40%, Sneaks 20%

Were the last BMB clips a bit too gentle for you? Yes?? Well, here comes the payback. 'Done over' is the hardest, most brutal and hottest clip so far this year. Master Dragon impresses here by showing how nasty and merciless he can be. Slave Stephan has to take the worst trampling torture. Head, backside, legs, arms, hands -the young Master doesn't leave any body part out."Does that hurt? Couldn't care less man" says Dragon with a grin on his face as Stephan lies with his back against the floor whimpering in pain. The worst kicks imaginable, crushing, slaps so hard you can hear them out loud - nothing is held back from the loser. The young sadist even stubs out a cigarette on Stephan's chest. Young Master Dragon also has other ways up his sleeve of taking Stephan down. Nothing comes out of his mouth but orders, abuse - and thick snot. Stephan gets the snot spat into his face, he has to swallow it, he has to lick it off a doorframe. You won't believe how much snot this Master can produce. .Things are made hard for Stephan as he licks his tormentor's trainers clean, and he's also used as a cushion to sit on and as a pony to ride on. Naked torso , skinny sweatpants, a cool pair of white trainers : any slave would melt away just looking at this hard as nails young Master. Rest assured! This young sadist really takes great delight in tormenting and humiliating his victim. In this clip, the camera shows that all really well. Apart from that, there are a couple of hot scenes taken from the slave's perspective. Don't miss out on this clip. But a word of warning. Not for those of a nervous disposition!

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