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Just look at you


26:25 Min. Feet 50%, Sneaks & Socks 30%, Humiliation with Spit & Sitting 20%

Dragon has got a surprise for his mate Lenny: a slave. 'Shall we have a go at getting him under our thumb?' the young Master asks . He doesn't have to wait long for an answer. Lenny can hardly wait to get the slave under his feet. First of all, the loser's tongue has to take meticulous care of both Masterboys' dirty trainers. While he's doing that, the slave has to hold his mouth wide open so that Dragon can spit in some thick snot. 'Say thank you' demands the Master after he's deposited his snot into the slave's mouth. Not just the loser's sense of taste but also his sense of smell is given a hard test. The lads make him take in the stink from their trainers and from their socks . Young Master Lenny takes more and more delight in humiliating the loser. He tells the slave to take his socks off for him. Lenny really enjoys having a guy who is obviously much older than he is licking his feet and sucking his toes. And of course Master Dragon's feet also demand to be given a through massage by the slave's, tongue. While all this is going on, the slave has to take his Masters' sweaty socks into his mouth and give them a good chewing. Later on , the loser has to lie down on his back while the Masterboys sit on him and force their feet into his face. This clip focuses on hot foot action. Which slave doesn't dream of being given the chance to lick Dragon and Lenny's feet?
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