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Bad News Part 2


19:57 Min. 40 % Trampling, 40 % Socks & Feets, 20 % Piss &

Master Cool and Master Maxim are sitting on the sofa. Despicable and they grin and look down on the kneeling victims. "Take off our shoes!" orders Master Cool. Helmut slave pulls the Adidas sneakers from the feet of his Lord and shall immediately take a sharp inhale of the Smell. Then asked Master Maxim, that his shoes should be removed. During the slave kneels on all fours in front of Master Maxim and sniff at its socks, used Master Cool the victim of a vaulting deposit. He rises to Helmut back and then sits on him with blows, the horse - sorry: the slave driven, intense to suck the Smell of Master Maxim's socks and sneakers. Penner, wanker, bastard, fag - not just physically, verbally makes then Master Boys their victim to sow. And they torment with kicking and trampling, until it whimpers in pain. "Go, dress off my socks, but with the teeth!" orders MasterMaxim. The slave stelt at pretty stupid and must take his hands to help. While he was sucking on and between the toes, he Masiere while the feet of Master Cool. Then replace the Master Boys their position. Now the slave must lick the feet of Master Cool and massage at the same time the feet of Master Maxim. Thus, the cries of pain during the subsequent trampling are not as loud Master fills the slave Maxim one of his socks in his mouth. As Master Maxim still has a time and therefore must adopt, make Master Cool on alone. He can suck his toes with pleasure, a full foot pushes into the mouth of the slave, the slave and slaps him repeatedly spits in the face. Also, the victim must lick a stick of gum from the floor, which has spit Master Cool. In the bathroom Helmut has to wash Master Cool`s feet. Then it must be possible to bend the victim over the edge, and bear a shower with Masterpiss about themselves. The second part of "bad news" lives up to the first part: hard trampling, pure dominance and on top of a horny piss scene. This two-parter with First Master Maxim and Master Cool belongs in every BMB video collection!

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