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26:51 Min. Humiliation with Spit, Nipple Torture, Ponyplay & Piss 25%, Naked Facesitting 20%, Feet 20%, Socks 20%, Sneaks 15%

Master Babyface has ordered his weekly food shop to be delivered. The delivery guy who arrives early on in the evening to deliver the order has stupidly forgotten the beer which was part of the order. As a result, Babyface is pissed off. He decides to teach the delivery guy, who goes by the name Tom, a lesson. We can already say that this means that Tom is about to experience humiliation which is more intense than anything ever before in his life. Bad enough that he’s made to use his tongue to lick clean the young Master’s stylish shoes and made to suck in the stench from his damp socks. Things get much, much harder. Master Babyface keeps on sitting on his victim’s face with his bare arse. “Sniff it”; he orders Tom to breathe in the nasty stench emanating from his Master’s arse. Master Babyface loves slapping his victim hard and filling him up with the thickest snot imaginable. The young Master makes a lot of noise as he hawks up the snot. But even that isn’t enough. The Master sits on Tom’s belly. His feet rest on Tom’s face. Later on, the loser has to serve as a pony to be ridden on, he has to give his tormentor’s socks a good chewing and he has to take some nasty nipple torture. But the best is kept for last. A damp surprise in the toilet. The hot facesitting scenes alone make this English language clip an absolute must!!!

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