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A total retard


25:40 Min. Humiliation & Spit 30%, Feet 25%, Sock 25%, Slaps & Kicks 10%, Sneaks 10%

Weekend here at last. Master Saldro absolutely needs a victim to torment and degrade if he's going to be able to really chill. He sweeps up an English speaking slave from the street and takes him home to his place.The guy is called Donald. Soldro has his mate Phil staying with him and so they both get to work on the loser. Things begin fairly harmlessly with trainers being licked but it doesn't t take long for the session to develop into a session which features incredible humiliation. For example there's Master Phil's socks which are really dirty and so stinky that most people would just turn up their noses at them. Donald has to chew each of the socks , as well as Master Soldro's socks. Then the two lads torment and humiliate the loser using their bare feet. As the mood takes them, they give the slave a good slapping and fill him up with industrial quantities of snot. Mostly the snot fins its way directly into his mouth, but the lads also enjoy aiming their snot at the slave's ears and eyes. One of the hottest BMB Humiliation clips that there's been for a long time with really hot scenes involving socks and feet. Master Phil really steps up to the plate in this clip . Let's hope we see more of him soon!

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