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What are you grinning at ?


25:59 Min. Sneaks & Socks 40%, Humiliation with Spit, Ponyplay & Facesitting 30%, Feet 20%, Trampling & Slaps 10%

Master Dragon is playing games on his phone. His slave Larry keeps on annoying him. The stupid idiot even dares to laugh at his Master. Dragon can't help but see the stupid grin on his slave's face. Now things turn nasty. Larry has to get down on his knees, is on the wrong end of a juicy slap and knows what he has to do: his Master's trainers are dirty and need a tongue to clean them. Larry gets some really nasty verbal abuse ('You worthless piece of shit') while he is degraded. He's completely helpless as he lies on the floor and is gobbed on. Larry has to suck the nasty stench out of the Master's socks and trainers, and later he gets up close and personal with his tormentor's godly feet. Trampling, Ponyplay, Facesitting und constantly being gobbed on and crusty socks and the stench of feet : Master Dragon knows what a useless slave needs. – Lots of people have asked for it now there's a new solo clip with this megacool young Master. Don't wait to order it, watch it and enjoy it!!!

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