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Wanna Bet ... ?


31:00 Min. 50% Trampling, 20% , 15% Socks&Feets, 15% Sneaks, 10% Crush, 5% Humiliation, 5% Spit

The three Masterboys, Marcel and Skaret (twin brothers) and Andre are a bit bored. Then Skaret comes up with the idea that they should tell their slave to head round so that they can play 'You Bet!' with him. The two other lads are well up for this suggestion . So let play commence!. First of all, the slave has to fetch some mandarins. The pips are the main ingredients for the first bet. Skaret bets that he'll be the first to succeed in spitting the pips into their victim's mouth. But Marcel and Andre have also got the knack of doing this. Only the stupid loser looks pretty miserable. After the slave has had the punishment he deserves with trampling and kicks, it's time for 'Guess the Weight'. One after the other, the Masterboys stand on the slave and he has to guess how much each of them weighs. Things get especially heavy when all three Masterboys stand on their victim at the same time. There's more pain in store when the slave feels the effects of some nasty hand-crushing administered by Master Skaret's Nike Airmaxes. The scenario in the third bet is that the slave is blindfolded, using dirty Mastersocks, and has to use his tongue and his nose to find out which shoe belongs to which Masterboy. Things get a lot more uncomfortable with the creeping bet. Will the slave be able to cover a longer distance with a Masterboy on his back? The torment goes on and on and when finally, exhausted, he has to give up, he's punished with kicks and trampling and has snot spat into his mouth. For their next trick, things get really tough. Their victim's eyes are once again blindfolded, using dirty socks. Grinning all the while, the Masterboys tread into fruit and vegetables lying on the floor - including mandarins, pears, tomatoes and paprika. The slave has to lick the pulp, rich in vitamins, from the soles of their trainers and guess what is. It goes without saying that it's not enough just to say'paprika'. The Masterboys want to know whether it's yellow, green or red.. Marshmallows also come into play. Master Marcel takes his socks off and uses them to mash the 'salad'. His feet really stink, but that doesn't mean that the loser is spared from thoroughly licking everything up. For the dessert, there's a whole load more of trampling and mastersnot. Master Skaret mocks the totally exhausted slave: 'That all tastes pretty damn good, doesn't it'. And Master Andre does another one of his 'victory poses' All that makes 'You Bet' a whole load of fun. For thirty minutes the three young, cool Masterboys put on a show with their victim which is as hard as it gets. The camera is always right up with the action, so that anyone watching feels that they are in the thick of it. Huge praise is due to the cameraman as well as to Marcel, Skaret and Andre who from beginning to end show the slave what it means to be allowed to be a victim of BMB Masters. For Master Skaret,, Master Marcel's twin brother, this was only his second video and he really shows how he is growing into the role

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