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29:38 Min. Sneaks, Socks & Feet 33,3%, Blows with the Whip, Kicks, Trampling, Slaps 33,3%, Humiliation with Spit, Facesitting, Ponyplay, Crushing und Forced Feeding 33,3%

Are you ready for one of the hardest BMB clips of the last few years? Do you want to be in on the action as two young, goodlooking and absolutely merciless young Masters torment and humiliate their slave so brutally that he weeps in pain and whimpers for mercy? Yes? Then don't waste any time before getting this hot clip into your basket! Here's what it's all about. Master Dragon and Master Prince want to go shopping again. The shopping tour is to be financed, like yesterday, by their slave Helmut. But the stupid loser refuses to play ball. He deserves all that's coming to him. The lads know how to get Helmut back into line. In no time at all they start out to torture their victim. The lads beat him with a whip and a riding crop - including on his bare arse . Helmut weeps in pain. But that spurs the two brutal boys on.The make Helmut lick their trainers and while he does that he's whipped, battered, spat on and kicked really brutally. The lads take sadistic delight in torturing their victim. With a grin on his face Master Dragon – once again naked down to the waist - sits on Helmut's face. At one and the same time the slave is kicked by Master Price. Later on the lads ride on Helmut's back and pull him by the ears all the way through his own flat. Whipped, kicked, horribly degraded: Helmut is just about all done in. But Master Dragon and Master Prince are a long way from being finished with him. Next up there's a session of really hard trampling, ,and as they beat him. Helmut has to lick spit as well as an apple which Master Dragon has crushed with his feet up from the floor. Although Helmut is hurting so much that he can barely move, he has to round things off with carrying out some more slave duties. He is made to take one of Master Dragon's stinking socks into his mouth. He also has to lick the two lads' feet and suck their toes. That's damn hard for him because his arse is really , really hurting from the after effects of the whipping he's taken. Yours truly couldn't help sympathising with the slave when I watched this clip. Master Dragon and Master Prince are well known for their lack of mercy. But in this clip the're more brutal than ever It just goes to who yet again. You shouldn't be deceived by the fact that they look as if butter wouldn't melt in their mouths....

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