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31:35 Min. 35 % Humiliation, 25 % Trampling&Sneaks, 20 % Feets&Socks, 20 % Facesitting, Spit & Piss

Being an insurance broker isn’t the job it used to be. Mr. Peterson desperately needs some money so he doesn’t turn down the opportunity to assess a completely ruined apartment. The owner of the apartment is Master Farid Bang and the situation is serious. He’s there for more than an estimate, he wants a punching bag. Things get to the point quickly. The floor is absolutely filthy from Master Farid’s dirty sneakers and everything must be licked and sucked clean. Master Farid runs a tight military regime and the slave learns quickly that resistance is futile and he ends up face down on the floor very quickly. Master Farid generously donates plenty of saliva for the job as he sits on the slave’s chest and leans over his mouth aiming directly down his throat. Things get worse. The sneakers come off and Farid tortures the slave’s senses with his fuming, sweat-drenched socks and bare feet. When he has done with him he puts his shoes back on and you can see the glimmer of hope in the slave’s eyes that his ordeal is over. It is fascinating to watch the hope grow smaller in his eyes as Farid plants his beautiful ass right on the slaves face for some horny face sitting action. The humiliation is unbearable as Farid rides the slaves face slowly back and forward rubbing his slaves nose up against his dominant ass. Finally, the slave, knowing that he is completely screwed, just lies back and takes the torrent of Master piss which comes streaming down all over his loser face. He lies there, abject in a puddle of cold urine as Master Farid demands that the slave lap it up like a good dog. Farid sends the stupid fool on his way out of his apartment and the slave cowars and runs for his life. For a relatively new addition to the BMB team, Farid is an absolute sensation.

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